I am Cheryl Gajadhar and I have designed this Easy/Beginning instructions for you!  

The layout for this exercise will be:

1.  Learning Subject Commands for Exercise (JAWS TIP)

2. Practice how to use commands with a controlled webpage

3. Repeat.Exercise

JAWS TIP:  The commands used to read Web pages are the same as the commands used to read   text in any other type of document.  But for this exercise we will assume you do not know and we will  practice the following:  

1.  DOWN ARROW for next line

2  UP ARROW for prior line

3.  INSERT+UP ARROW for the current line

4.  INSERT+DOWN ARROW to read from the cursor to the bottom of the page

5.  INSERT+F7  to display a list of links on this page

6.  ALT +TAB to switch back to this window and refer to these instructions. 

NOTE:  JAWS remember where you are on the page, so you won't lose your place.

7.  CTRL+HOME to move to the top of the page

8.  CTRL+END to move to the bottom of the page

9.  P  to move to the paragraph on the page.

10. SHIFT+P return to the previous paragraph on the page.

11.  H to move to Heading on a page

12.  SHIFT+H to move back to the previous heading level 2 




1.  Press INSERT+F7 to display a list of links on this page. Using your DOWN ARROW, Make sure the link Jim's Cafe is selected and press ENTER. This opens the sample page in a separate Internet Explorer window. You can hold down ALT and press TAB to switch back to this window and refer to these instructions. JAWS  remember where you are on the page, so you won't lose your place.

2.  Press CTRL+HOME to move to the top of the page. 

3.  Then press P twice to move to the second paragraph on the page.

4.  Any command that you can use to read text or Word documents can be used when reading Web pages.

5.  Press SHIFT+P until you return to the first paragraph on the page.


1.  Press SHIFT+H to move to the heading level 2 just above this list.

2. Press DOWN ARROW to move to the line that begins with the words  "When you read a Web page with JAWS alone..." and notice which word is the last word spoken by JAWS. It is the word "When" in the second sentence that begins "When JAWS is running alone..." Why is this?

JAWS Tip: This is because JAWS defines a line of text on a Web page as however many words will fit into the space of 150 characters, without chopping off any words. This is how JAWS figures out how to navigate in the "virtual" world of Web page documents where there is not a visible cursor.

3.  Press DOWN ARROW  again and notice that the next line of text begins with the words "JAWS is running... and ends on the word "screen" which is actually about in the middle of the third sentence of that paragraph.

4.  By navigating on this page, JAWS can read the way the screen is actually laid out.



     Hi, I am your instructor - Cheryl Gajadhar.  We will be toggling back and forth to a page within