JIM'S CAFE  

Jim's Cafe was founded in 1946 by Jim Smith. At that time, Jim was a  sergeant in the United States Army, who had just finished a tour of duty  in Europe. 

Ready to begin civilian life, he settled down in the sleepy  town of Innisport with his wife, Charlotte, and their son, James Jr.

Taking a second mortgage out on his home, he purchased a run-down  book shop in downtown Innisport and set about realizing his dream of  owning a successful restaurant. 

The first few years were lean, but as  the town of Innisport grew and prospered, Jim's Cafe became a favorite  place for lunch breaks and Saturday night dinners.

For almost 50 years, Jim's Cafe has been renowned for excellent  service, a dazzling variety of dishes and appetizers, and scenic  location. Use the links below to read more:

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